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This Café Has Sparked Outrage After Banning Children Under 5 From The Premises

This Café Has Sparked Outrage After Banning Children Under 5 From The Premises

A cafe in Essex, UK, has spared outrage after banning all children under the age of 5 from entering the business.

Hilary Penning, owner of The Organic Kitchen, said she enforced the rule to stop “buggies the size of Essex” and children “running riot” disturbing her customers.


“There’s been far too many instances where moms come in with newborn babies and allow the children to cry and cry,” she explained.

“I cannot allow people to come in expecting to have a great eating experience but have to leave because their lunch has been ruined by inconsiderate parents allowing their children to run riot, which has happened quite a bit.”


Parents in the local community have been divided by Penning’s “children ban”, and many have shared their anger at the Hilary’s decision.

“I certainly won’t be coming and spending money here,” wrote one commenter, “So upsetting.”

Well I certainly won't be coming and spending money here…. you'd think you'd be trying every thing in the book to accommodate mummies and kids considering there's 2 costas down the road. So upsetting

Posted by Brooke Smith on Monday, December 12, 2016

Others have said they’ll find more “child-friendly” places to eat.

Some, however, supported Hilary’s decision to ban young children from her restaurant, saying it would be easier to relax.

“Well done for your no-babies rule,” said another.

Is it a good idea for cafes to ban toddlers, or has Hilary gone too far?

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